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We are taking on children and we will both do our best to help everyone but if an authority figure wants to check up on the behind the scenes or they've had a complaint then Amanda will give them access to the forum as an administrator but you may be asked for proof of your authority before Amanda gives you the login details for the forum. If you just say "I'm a police officer" or "I'm Jo Bloggs' parent/carer" then you won't be allowed in. I want proof of who you are and your email isn't enough proof. If you say you're a police officer, I will want your title and name and your PC number (for example, PC Joe White JW1234) and the area you patrol but NOT the phone number... I'm a fan of The Bill so know that it's easy to arrange for someone to make up a police station and a phone number that goes to a criminal, not the real police. If you say you are the parent/carer then I want at least 3 different photo's showing you with the child you are asking about.

Maybe Amanda is being paranoid but better safe than sorry! Amanda would prefer to be paranoid and keep everyone safe than believing without proof and allowing things to go nuts and cause trouble for the genuine participants!

OK, Amanda is shutting up now! lol